Grounded Research: From Google Brain to MLOps to LLMOps — with Shreya Shankar of UC BerkeleyListen now (42 min) | Ep. 5: Models as Materialized Views of a Database??
ChatGPT's App Store Moment (w/ OpenAI's Logan Kilpatrick, LindyAI's Florent Crivello and Nader Dabit)Listen now (96 min) | Podcast Ep. 4: Developers discuss the ChatGPT Plugins launch - Usecases, Monetization, and Discovery
GPT-4 FOMO antidote, and meditations on Moravec's Paradox
From Astrophysics to AI: Building the future AI Data Stack — with Sarah Nagy of Seek.aiListen now | Latent Space Podcast Ep. 3: Why AI automating your job is Good Actually
97% Cheaper, Faster, Better, Correct AI — with Varun Mohan of CodeiumListen now (51 min) | Latent Space Podcast Ep. 2: Why you are holding your GPUs wrong
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ChatGPT, GPT4 hype, and Building LLM-native products — with Logan Kilpatrick of OpenAIListen now (52 min) | Latent Space Podcast Ep. 1
~200 AI hackers are gathering in SF on Friday. Not local but have an AI project/idea you want to show off? No problem - details inside!
We need to talk about how we talk about AI progress
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