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I expect the erasure of the long tail of White Collar jobs in the next 3 years thanks to machine learning.

Moving to digital, something humans' been doing for the past 30+ years ended up providing a corpus from copywriting to CAD that will result in the redundancy of the less senior positions: the long tail.


As a senior programmer, being forced to interact with average programmers, I don't mind this. Interaction with rudimentary implementations like ChatGPT is already a more pleasant experience than interacting with the human long tail of my profession.

I won't be alone. Professions may vary (lawyers will hold out the longest, thanks to their institutional entrenchment and power), but I'm not alone.

If you're a White Collar worker and prompting ChatGTP is a more pleasant and more productive experience than asking you: you're in the long tail. You have 3 years left at best.

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