The older you are, the more cynical you get. I myself had a head start in both cynicism and being burned out, I feel like a 60 year old, whenever I face any contemporary trash that's supposed to excite me.

I even quit software development - or so I hoped - in 2019. (Hell, I even had a dance with ML 3 years ago and thought I quit it for good, around the announcement of GPT-3, thinking that it moved beyond my level and I will only be a spectator from now on.)

Yet here I am, in 2023, being excited by AI. It's not overhyped.

Thanks for the resources!

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First, just wanna thank the immense value you put out there. This post is amazing!

I'm 24 and pretty happy with the position I'm right now (Senior Full Stack, leading a team and creating a GPT integration in our app). But your post makes me wonder if I should actually study AI core and foundations. GPT makes it so easy to jump into AI that it kinda makes me feel I don't need to, tbh.

The phrase that made me start studying how to code (at 14) was "The programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of the future". Reading your post makes me think that not learning AI will make me feel less of a wizard 🧙‍♂️ lol


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Great post! Ps the discord link seems to be incorrect, can you please update

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Man, I hope you’re right.

I’m 48 years old..and this is the first time I’ve fully recognized how monumental this moment is in our lifetime.

Just graduated in January from a Full-Stack Bootcamp…and now signed up for the Coursera Course.

🙏 for the recommendation.

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Excellent and insightful

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This helps a lot. I'm a construction worker in my 40s and need to change careers. Thank you

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