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Nice coverage. Quick things:

* typo in fundraising. Anyscale -> Anysphere.

* Keep reusing the "open source ML diagram" it's a good one.

* Plotting model size for 60% on MMLU seems a little bit misleading. People were not optimizing for inference as much a few years ago, and 60% is not an agreed upon number.

* Don't cozy up to the Stanford FMTI too much, it's got some flaws - wouldn't say it is rescuing us ;) https://www.interconnects.ai/p/fmti-critique

* There's more news in DPO RLHF coming soon.

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Would you be interested in doing a 2023 round up of Open-Source AI evolution? As a guest post in AI Supremacy? https://aisupremacy.substack.com/p/guest-posts-on-ai-supreamcy

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