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[Practical AI] AI Trends: a Latent Space x Practical AI crossover pod!

The hosts of Practical AI and Latent Space get together to share what it's like covering this massive AI wave, pick out crowd and personal favorite episodes, and discuss the emerging AI trends of 2023

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Daniel Whitenack
The podcast by and for AI Engineers! We are the first place over 50k developers hear news and interviews about Software 3.0 - Foundation Models changing every domain in Code Generation, Computer Vision, AI Agents, and more, directly from the founders, builders, and thinkers involved in pushing the cutting edge. Striving to give you both the definitive take on the Current Thing down to the first introduction to the tech you'll be using in the next 3 months! We break news and exclusive interviews from tiny (George Hotz), Databricks, Glean, Replit, Roboflow, MosaicML, UC Berkeley, OpenAI, and more.
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Part 2 of our podcast feed swap weekend! Check out Cognitive Revolution as well.

"Data" Dan Whitenack has been co-host of the Practical AI podcast for the past 5 years, covering full journey of the modern AI wave post Transformers.

He joined us in studio to talk about their origin story and highlight key learnings from past episodes, riff on the AI trends we are all seeing as AI practitioner-podcasters, and his passion for low-resource-everything!

Taped at the beautiful StudioPod studios in San Francisco

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