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Apr 18, 2023


Join our hosts, guests, readers and listeners!

We discuss news/share events in SF, NY, Chicago, Miami, London, Berlin, and more! with informal IRL dinners.


please feel free to organize your own and just let us know so we can signal boost!

Upcoming (all are Pacific Time, in-person in SF unless otherwise stated)

  • June 8 5.30pm: AI World’s Fair by Latent Space (signup)

  • June 12 6pm: Latent Space + Practical AI Podcast Listener Meetup!

  • June 24 11am: Agent Hackathon @ AGI House (signup)

  • we are off for most of july, ping if you want us at AI events from August onwards

  • Sept-Oct: Unnamed conference (pls DM or email @benghamine to sponsor)