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Discord NYC dinner, May 2023

The community now has an active LLM Paper Club that has (intentionally) unrecorded Zoom meetings every week (join here) covering one important paper or reading in AI.

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Upcoming (all are Pacific Time, in-person in SF unless otherwise stated)

  • Nov 23rd (in Singapore): AI Engineer Singapore meetup (signup)

  • Dec 4 (SF): moderating panel at Modular’s ModCon (join us)

  • Dec 10 (New Orleans): Latent Space @ NEURIPS

  • Early March 2024: AI Engineer World’s Fair 2024 - our flagship Spring Conference!

  • Late June 2024: AI Engineer World’s Fair 2024 - our flagship Summer Conference!

  • October 2024: AI Engineer Summit 2024. Save the Date 👀