What is Latent.Space?

A newsletter and podcast focusing on the business and technology of this new AI summer.

“This is spot on. Multiverse is the real metaverse.“ - Emad Mostaque

“A very useful summary of the state of play in open source generative AI, including a bunch of projects I hadn't heard about before” - Simon Willison

“I have like 20 tabs open with links now” - Kevin Hu

“Some terrifyingly and delightfully sharp insights here by @swyx into generative AI, capitalism, and how the multiverse will come to our rescue as the metaverse encroaches.” - gabor ugray

"But you cannot own a Multiverse. Whatever virtual land you “own”, my next favorite one is one seed away in a neighboring universe." - Jim OShaughnessy

My regular blog is more career and engineering focused, and DXTips is more DevRel focused.

I was undecided on how seriously I want to pursue this crazy trend, so decided to carve out a new space, but now have decided to ramp it up and so have bought the latent.space domain thanks to Brian McMahan, coauthor of Natural Language Processing with PyTorch.

This blog was originally named “L-Space Diaries”, which nominally stands for Latent Space, but also it is a reference to the L-space of Discworld, by Sir Terry Pratchett (GNU).

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