Sitemap - 2023 - Latent Space

Notebooks = Chat++ and RAG = RecSys! — with Bryan Bischof of Hex Magic

The End of OpenAI Hegemony

The State of Silicon and the GPU Poors - with Dylan Patel of SemiAnalysis

AI Engineering 101 and 201 Workshops

The New Kings of Open Source AI (Oct 2023 Recap)

AGI is Being Achieved Incrementally (DevDay Recap - cleaned audio)

AGI is Being Achieved Incrementally (OpenAI DevDay w/ Simon Willison, Alex Volkov, Jim Fan, Raza Habib, Shreya Rajpal, Rahul Ligma, et al)

Beating GPT-4 with Open Source LLMs — with Michael Royzen of Phind

Powering your Copilot for Data – with Artem Keydunov of

The End of Finetuning — with Jeremy Howard of

Why AI Agents Don't Work (yet) - with Kanjun Qiu of Imbue

[AIE Summit Preview #2] The AI Horcrux — Swyx on Cognitive Revolution

[AIE Summit Preview #1] Swyx on Software 3.0 and the Rise of the AI Engineer

RAG Is A Hack - with Jerry Liu from LlamaIndex

The AI OS (Sept 2023 Recap)

Building the Foundation Model Ops Platform — with Raza Habib of Humanloop

Heralds of the AI Content Flippening — with Youssef Rizk of

Doing it the Hard Way: Making the AI engine and language 🔥 of the future — with Chris Lattner of Modular

The Point of LangChain — with Harrison Chase of LangChain

AI Eng Recap: August 2023

RWKV: Reinventing RNNs for the Transformer Era — with Eugene Cheah of UIlicious The AI-first Code Editor — with Aman Sanger of Anysphere

The Mathematics of Training LLMs — with Quentin Anthony of Eleuther AI

LLMs Everywhere: Running 70B models in browsers and iPhones using MLC — with Tianqi Chen of CMU / OctoML

[AI Breakdown] Summer AI Technical Roundup: a Latent Space x AI Breakdown crossover pod!

Latent Space Podcast System Prompt

FlashAttention 2: making Transformers 800% faster w/o approximation - with Tri Dao of Together AI

Llama 2: The New Open LLM SOTA (ft. Nathan Lambert, Matt Bornstein, Anton Troynikov, Russell Kaplan, Whole Mars Catalog et al.)

AI Fundamentals: Datasets 101

Code Interpreter == GPT 4.5 (w/ Simon Willison, Alex Volkov, Aravind Srinivas, Alex Graveley, et al.)

How to Make AI UX Your Moat

[Practical AI] AI Trends: a Latent Space x Practical AI crossover pod!

[Cognitive Revolution] The Tiny Model Revolution with Ronen Eldan and Yuanzhi Li of Microsoft Research

The Rise of the AI Engineer

Commoditizing the Petaflop — with George Hotz of the tiny corp

Emergency Pod: OpenAI's new Functions API, 75% Price Drop, 4x Context Length (w/ Alex Volkov, Simon Willison, Riley Goodside, Joshua Lochner, Stefania Druga, Eric Elliott, Mayo Oshin et al)

From RLHF to RLHB: The Case for Learning from Human Behavior - with Jeffrey Wang and Joe Reeve of Amplitude

Building the AI × UX Scenius — with Linus Lee of Notion AI

Debugging the Internet with AI agents – with Itamar Friedman of Codium AI and AutoGPT

MPT-7B and The Beginning of Context=Infinity — with Jonathan Frankle and Abhinav Venigalla of MosaicML

AI for Engineers — Sign up for private Beta

Guaranteed quality and structure in LLM outputs - with Shreya Rajpal of Guardrails AI

The AI Founder Gene: Being Early, Building Fast, and Believing in Greatness — with Sharif Shameem of Lexica

No Moat: Closed AI gets its Open Source wakeup call — ft. Simon Willison

Training a SOTA Code LLM in 1 week and Quantifying the Vibes — with Reza Shabani of Replit

Mapping the future of *truly* Open Models and Training Dolly for $30 — with Mike Conover of Databricks

It's Time To Build AI | UX

AI-powered Search for the Enterprise — with Deedy Das of Glean

The Anatomy of Autonomy: Why Agents are the next AI Killer App after ChatGPT

Join the Latent.Space Community!

Segment Anything Model and the Hard Problems of Computer Vision — with Joseph Nelson of Roboflow

AI Fundamentals: Benchmarks 101

You Are Not Too Old (To Pivot Into AI)

Grounded Research: From Google Brain to MLOps to LLMOps — with Shreya Shankar of UC Berkeley

Emergency Pod: ChatGPT's App Store Moment (w/ OpenAI's Logan Kilpatrick, LindyAI's Florent Crivello and Nader Dabit)

The Multi-modal, Multi-model, Multi-everything Future of AGI

From Astrophysics to AI: Building the future AI Data Stack — with Sarah Nagy of

97% Cheaper, Faster, Better, Correct AI — with Varun Mohan of Codeium

ChatGPT, GPT4 hype, and Building LLM-native products — with Logan Kilpatrick of OpenAI

Latent Space Demo Day — Call for Demos!

Shameless #Foomerism and S-Curves

Jan Update: Podcast, SF Hackathon and Capture the Prompt!

Every Google vs OpenAI Argument, Dissected